Greg Horn

Greg HornGreg Horn is an illustrator best known for his Marvel Comics covers. He arrived at Marvel in 1999 sporting a sensational new form of computer art that had never been seen before, ushering in the digital art movement which dominates the comic art industry to this day. Five years later he was recognized for his artistic endeavors, winning Wizard’s Fan’s Choice Award for Best Cover Artist. In the years that followed, Greg forged ahead in a variety of commercial industries, working on more than 20 international advertising campaigns, while providing covers for over 60 video game magazines. This volume of work was eventually collected into two art books titled Cover Stories: The Art of Greg Horn, and published by Image Comics. Beginning in 2014, Greg has seen remarkable success with exclusive variant covers, providing images for more than 30 of the most popular convention and store exclusives. Along the way, the artist has revitalized the niche market of remarked comic books with an inventive way of sketching on the unforgiving slick covers. His remarked comic books are among the highest auctioning modern day comics of all-time. Most recently, Greg has created some amazing variant covers for: DC COMICS’ Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1 with Unknown Comic Books and ComicXposure. Other recent projects include MARVEL COMICS’ Phoenix Resurrection, Edge of Venomverse, Generations/ Legacy, Champions, Venom, and Avengers VS Zombies, all of which will be available at his table in Artist Alley!