Stuart Sayger

Stuart SaygerStuart Sayger is a professional illustrator who works primarily in the comic book industry. Known for his moody and expressive style, Sayger first broke into the industry as the creator of SHIVER IN THE DARK, producing the comic independently from start to finish.

Recently Sayger produced art for graphic novels of “Trick R Treat” and “Krampus” based on the films of the same names from Legendary Pictures. Sayger also contributed the cover to a newly released commemorative issue of “The Walking Dead”. Past projects include the “Superman: Man of Steel” movie, and a video game adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s “Thief of Thieves”. Sayger has drawn many projects for IDW including:”The X-Files”, “30-Days of Night,” “Robert Rodriguez’s Machete,” and “Bram Stoker’s Death Ship”.

Toy fans will remember Stuart’s work from a 2-year run drawing the “Bionicle” comic book based on the popular Lego toy line of the same name. The series was translated to 8 different languages and distributed internationally boasting the largest circulation of any comic book in the world!